Demonstration in Sainte-Soline: the police questioned by the Human Rights League

Last March in Sainte-Soline (Two Sevres)the demonstration against mega-basins degenerated. Among the witnesses that day, observers from the League of Human Rights (LDH). Three months later, their report accuses the gendarmes and the authorities. First of all, on the use of law enforcement weapons, such as tear gas canisters. According to the association, many injuries were caused by their “disproportionate use” And “Not necessary“.

The authorities are said to have blocked the arrival of help

The number of grenades used in Sainte-Soline, more than 5 000 i think, that’s quite unusual. We have never, unless I am mistaken, experienced this in the past“, observes Patrick Baudouin, the president of the LDH. Other grievance of the report, the treatment of injured demonstrators, some of them very seriously. According to the LDH, the authorities would have hindered the arrival of help.

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