Demolishing dart from Fernando Alonso to the FIA ​​makes Formula 1 explode

The Spanish pilot has again referred to the controversy of the decisions made by the federation

Fernando Alonso is far from leaving aside all the mess that has been made with his statements against FIA. And is that the Oviedo has shown a lot of nonconformity in the way they use the regulation, since sometimes it is applied differently depending on the pilots in question.

There have even been several races in which irregularities have occurred and that directly affect Spanish. Michael Masi he has been the protagonist of these events, being the race director who has been taking the regulation in unreasonable ways. The pilot’s darts Alpine they have also been towards the Australian.

Fernando Alonso
More darts to the FIA ​​by Alonso

Fernando Alonso and a new criticism of the FIA

In addition, another of the opinions that have generated some controversy has to do with the apparent preference of the competition for British pilots. This is seen from the market, to social networks and finally in the races. In this way, a new and forceful message has been generated.

And it is that Fernando Alonso is still at war with the FIA ​​and has launched a new dart. This is aimed at the way they decide badly at each Grand Prix. This is due to the overtaking he made on Giovinazzi off the track, where he was forced to return to position.

The Spanish seeks justice in the decision-making of the regulation

In a similar action, Räikkönen did the same with the two-time Formula 1 champion, but the Finn was not forced to return the position. “I insist that you cannot touch the ball with your hands in the area and the rules are not discussed in every game. If you touch the ball with your hand in the area it is always a penalty ”. You mentioned the Oviedo.

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Of course, Fernando Alonso has always fought for justice in competition, since there are some rules that do not need to be analyzed because they are clear. In each meeting of pilots the Oviedo will always continue to criticize this aspect and has confirmed it with his statements. Then the fight will continue this season in that sense.

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