She knew the fame thanks to social networks and his relationship with his healer had touched the whole world. Ndakasi, a gorilla living in the Republic Democratic of the Congo, has passed away. A look back at the life of the animal and his exceptional relationship with his healer.

Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo) posted the last photo of Ndakasi, famous gorilla dying, her head resting on the shoulder of her healer André Bauman, who took care of her all his life. Died Thursday, October 7, the female gorilla was “the friend” of her caretaker, who paid tribute to her: “I loved her like a child of mine and her cheerful personality made me smile with every interaction with herNdakasi has toured the globe thanks to a selfie posted on social networks, where she strikes a pose.

Adopted at the age of two months by Virunga National Park after the death of her mother, Ndakasi grew up with humans, whom she learned to imitate. Too fragile to be reintegrated into the wilderness, it was the park officers and André Bauman who raised her. An unusual animal, as André Bauman reminded us. “She really has a very, very great curiosity. She is a female explorer.“Thanks to the work of the Virunga Park, the species from which Ndakasi comes is no longer in danger of disappearing.


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