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Dembélé’s conditions to renew for FC Barcelona

The claims of the French extreme have been known

The FC Barcelona has several clear points regarding the future of Ousmane Dembélé, a player who could inevitably come out of the Camp Nou. This is due to its performance, which has not been up to par at all. Since passing through the Borussia Dortmund It dazzled, but it has been very far from that level in the culé box.

Recently it has been known that the conversations have been quite complicated and it is most likely that he will cut his losses. All due to the claims of the Frenchman, which escape too much of the possibilities that the team of Xavi Hernandez. Despite this, these are the conditions that have arisen in the business.

Eat Barcelona
Dembélé increasingly away from Barcelona

FC Barcelona and the numbers to renew Dembélé

And it is that the cost of the renewal of Ousmane Dembélé with FC Barcelona is close to 80 million euros. This figure would be spread over the next few years, so the investment that would be made with the French footballer would be about 200 ‘kilos’. Without a doubt, high numbers.

Let us remember that the winger has been one of the players who have remained in the infirmary the longest and playing games the least. In addition, when he has had the chance to play, he has not been decisive either in LaLiga Santander, or in the UEFA Champions League. That is why his departure has been determined from the Blaugrana leadership.

Everything seems to indicate that there will be no agreement and the Frenchman will have to look for a change of scenery

Although there is still a lot of cloth to cut in terms of this situation, it is most likely that there will be no success in Dembélé’s renewal with Barcelona. The next 48 hours will be key to knowing the future of the French player who despite this has a great poster.

We will have to wait then for the culmination of an operation that has been tortuous for the Catalans. For Joan Laporta it is clear that they are not willing to release a millionaire amount to extend the contract of a footballer who has not been key with any of the coaches that the Blaugrana have had in recent years.

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