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Dembélé, Newcastle United’s first star signing

The Newcastle united wants to revolutionize the world of football and everything seems to indicate that they are going to do everything possible to acquire extremely talented players and one of the first names to appear is that of Ousmane Dembélé, current player of the FC Barcelona. The ‘mosquito’ still does not renew his contract with the club, despite the fact that there have already been several meetings for it, however there is still no agreement and his contract expires at the end of this season.

According to the portal ‘Footmercato‘, the British team would have already contacted the player’s environment to affirm that they would be really interested in taking over his services for next year and would be trying to avoid the renewal with the Barça team. According to said media, Newcastle United would be willing to pay him about 15 million euros per season if he arrived with the freedom letter under his arm after the end of the season, in addition, they would also ensure a transfer bonus of another 15 million euros, a not inconsiderable amount of money.

He has always commented that he wanted to stay at the Camp Nou

Despite being injured, Ousmane Dembélé, in recent months he has always confirmed that his desire was to stay much longer in the FC BarcelonaHowever, this Newcastle United proposal is going to change absolutely everything since the intention of the Catalan team was to take advantage of his injury to achieve a downward renewal of the player. Now, with the magpies behind the Frenchman, it will be much more difficult to reach an agreement with him, and they will have to scratch their pockets if they do not want him to end up leaving.


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