Demand for gold and bitcoin is rising: this is how you can participate for free

There is finally some positivity in global markets. The bitcoin (BTC) price is flirting with the important level of $25,000, and optimistic sentiment is also somewhat back on the stock and commodities market. The demand for gold has also increased. The precious metal has the potential to show great things in 2023 and beyond. To top it off, there is even an opportunity for investors to free to take advantage of this growing demand.

Bitcoin and the gold price

Few crypto investors will have missed that the BTC price has been regularly in the green again in the past few weeks. Many investors believe this could be the start of a new one bull market. Naturally, this also means that interest in bitcoin as an investment has returned, with possible further increases in the price of the king of cryptocurrencies as a result.

Although the gold price since the beginning of this year is just a small pullback has made, this does not mean that the positive outlook has changed in the long run. The macroeconomic situation in the world is still very uncertain. Think of interest rate hikes to get inflation under control and of course also intense geopolitical tensions.

Especially if economic misery continues, which is of course still a realistic scenario, the gold price will show its best side. After all, gold historically thrives precisely when other risk assets underperform.

In this scenario, some analysts even expect the gold price to rise above $4,000 per ounce. That would represent an increase of more than 110%! This will of course depend on major developments in the world, such as global inflation and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

GoldRepublic offers a unique opportunity

If you do not want to fall by the wayside and expand your portfolio with gold in addition to bitcoin, then you have certainly come to the right place with the Dutch broker GoldRepublic. Here you can easily buy and sell all your gold. A child can do the laundry.

GoldRepublic currently even has a unique promotion where new users can receive free gold! If you have one now create an account at GoldRepublic, successfully completes the entire verification process and buys at least 100 euros worth of gold, silver or platinum, you get 1 gram of gold completely free. This gram of gold today has a market value of no less than 55 euros.

There is no better way to benefit from the rising demand for gold and to prepare for a possible serious price increase.

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