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Delta virus: ‘People will have to get a third, fourth and fifth dose of vaccine’

Riyadh: An infectious disease specialist in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ali Al-Shehri says that in view of the changing situation of the epidemic, the third, fourth and then fifth doses of the vaccine may need to be administered.

The medical expert said that the third dose of the corona vaccine has become mandatory in the country, many countries in the world have begun to give the third dose, there have been many cases of the new type of Delta coronavirus, this type has been directed to several countries. But Saudi Arabia is one of them.

Dr. Ali Al-Shehri believes that the number of Corona varieties may increase in the future, we may also need to apply the fourth and fifth doses.

The infectious disease specialist said medical tests had shown that the elderly, those with serious illnesses and cancer patients needed a third dose.

Meanwhile, another Saudi medical expert, Dr. Tahir al-Azraqi, said that it has been observed that six months after vaccination, the immune system and antibodies begin to weaken in the human body, in which case the virus can invade , what is Why the public? The third, fourth and fifth doses of the vaccine must be taken.

On the other hand, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health says that crown-shifting strains are more dangerous and are spreading rapidly.

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