Delox Faces Backlash Over Threats of Releasing Damaging Information on Dallas

Spanish-speaking Content Creation Rocked by Debate and Controversies

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of controversies and debates sweep through the internet and social networks, involving several high-profile content creators. One of the most notable recent events was a heated debate between Jordi Wild’s channel and conspiracy theorist Jordi Wild on the topic of science versus conspiracy theory. The debate generated a lot of buzz and interesting clips and statements, with Mr. Tartary being a prominent figure in the controversy.

The debate occurred in the background of the current great controversy between Delox and Dalas, two popular content creators. The controversy originated from a debate organized by Javi Oliveira to discuss Pambi, alleged scams by Dalas. Delox, the creator of the podcast “Without Fear of Success,” was a guest on the show and became the public enemy of the ever-controversial YouTuber.

Delox Threatens Dalas on Social Media

Following the debate, both content creators took to social media to air their grievances, with “dirty laundry” being brought to the forefront. Delox accused Dallas of demanding a significant sum of money to participate in a discussion on his channel. Delox estimated that this amount would total 10,500 euros, including all monetization generated by the video.

The controversy has also spawned a memorable meme, with Dallas asking Delox about his friend Willyrex, prompting the phrase of the year: “What game did Willyrex make?!” However, the situation has taken a serious turn, with Delox issuing warnings to Dalas on social media.

One of Dalas’s most characteristic content creations is his extensive videos exposing certain content creators who have attacked him or done something wrong. Delox has warned Dalas not to post anything about him or those around him on his channel, threatening to expose sensitive information if he does.

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“In your own game, Dalas… For every video you make about me or someone around me, I’ll open one of yours ‘shit drawers.’ Let’s play?” Delox wrote on social media, hinting at the possibility of revealing embarrassing or potentially damaging information about Dalas and his associates.

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