Home World Delivery rider angry even after taking 2 thousand rupees tip

Delivery rider angry even after taking 2 thousand rupees tip

Delivery rider angry even after taking 2 thousand rupees tip

Tipping someone for service is an encouragement and a thank you for a job well done, but is not a mandatory part of payment.

In America, however, tipping culture is important and tipping is common everywhere, but there are also cases where employees regularly express their displeasure at low tipping.

A similar incident happened in the US city of New York when a food delivery lady took back the food she had ordered after underestimating a good tip, leaving the customer stunned.

In the video, which has now gone viral on social media, a female rider from a food service company called DoorDash can be seen arriving to deliver food.

The owner of the house told them to leave the food at the door, but the woman told him through the security camera that she wanted to talk to him.

The owner asked what she wanted to which the lady rider said it took her 40 minutes to reach here, maybe you don’t understand the distance and effort and what you have given is very little.

When the owner inquired, he added that he was given a tip of 8 dollars (22 hundred Pakistani rupees) which was insufficient for his hard work.

The owner politely replied that what more do they want, to which the lady said that she was taking the food back and after that, without waiting for a reply, she took the food and went back.

The customer was shocked by his actions, the video shows him and a woman having a surprised conversation.

People on social media totally supported this customer.

People said that $8 is a good tip, if the rider needed more money they should do something else instead of relying on the tip.

Another user said that the rider did not know that the company would apologize to the customer, refund his full amount and tip, and possibly send him extra money or a meal of his choice as compensation.

Another user said, “I am very happy to hear the news of such head riders and layoffs.”

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