The body of a man kept in a hospital morgue in India suddenly came to life the next day.

Suresh Kumar, 45, who was rushed to a hospital in Delhi’s Muradabad area after an accident, was pronounced dead by doctors.

After confirmation by doctors, Suresh Kumar’s body was shifted to the morgue but he suddenly woke up the next morning. Doctors have resumed treatment but he is currently in a coma.

Meanwhile, a car crashed into a Christmas parade in the US state of Wisconsin, killing five people and injuring more than 40, including women and children. Police have arrested a suspect and started questioning him.

Protests against martial law in Sudan have taken a turn for the worse. An agreement has been reached between the civil and military authorities under which Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk, who was fired a month ago, will be reinstated. It has also been decided to release the politicians arrested during and after the October 25 uprising.

Protests in European countries against new sanctions against the Corona epidemic have turned violent. Several police officers were injured in clashes with protesters in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and in The Hague. Dozens of protesters were arrested. In the Austrian capital, Vienna, thousands of people took to the streets.

Afghan women are banned from working in films and dramas. According to an order issued to Taliban TV channels, women newscasters and reporters must wear scarves.



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