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Del Nido, Sevilla FC’s puppeteer behind the scenes

Controversial proposals at the next general meeting of the Del Nido club in Seville

José María del Nido Benavente, a controversial figure at Sevilla FC, is trying to exert influence over the club with a new strategy. At the extraordinary general meeting planned for March 18, he put critical points on the agenda. One of the most controversial is the limitation of financial transactions to more than one million euros. without the consent of the general meeting. This measure, if approved, could significantly slow down the club’s signings and sales and have a direct impact on Sevilla’s sporting and economic management.

Del Nido Benavente, father of the current president and opponent of the council, appears to be seeking indirect control over the club’s key decisions. The proposal to restrict financial transactions over one million euros reflects an attempt to limit the council’s autonomy. This maneuver suggests a desire to rule in secret, which could potentially have repercussions Sevilla’s ability to compete and grow in the sporting field.

from the nest of Seville
These measures suggest a vision that prioritizes control over growth ambitions, an approach that could have lasting consequences for Seville’s unity.

Impact on future projects

In addition to restricting financial transactions, Del Nido proposes other restrictions that could cripple projects important to Seville’s future, such as the renovation or construction of a new stadium. These proposals reveal a power struggle that goes beyond sport and carries risks the progress and modernization of the infrastructure of Sevilla FC.

Furthermore, these restrictions reflect a conservative approach that could limit Sevilla’s ability to adapt to the demands of modern football. By hindering investment in important infrastructure, Del Nido Benavente not only endangers the club’s long-term development, But it also proves its competitiveness on the international football scene.

Council response and impact

Despite Del Nido’s intentions, it is expected that the current board will reject these proposals in order to maintain independence in decision-making. The reduction of board salaries by 20% is presented as a gesture in view of the difficult situation in which the club finds itself. Striving for stricter and more responsible management towards members and fans.

The meeting on March 18 will be a crucial moment for Sevilla, defining not only the immediate future in terms of new signings and projects, but also the balance of power within the company. The influence of Del Nido in Seville remains a topic of great interest and speculation among Spanish football fans.

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