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Del Nido cannot vote and Castro remains president

Del Nido cannot vote and Castro remains president

Sevilla held a Shareholders’ Meeting in which Groundhog Day was repeated. Former President José María del Nido requested the removal of the Council to retake power of the entity, President José Castro prevented him from voting for not being able to break the pact signed between the parties and the club will continue elucidating its future through the courts.

The attendance was 120 shareholders, although 1,810 more were represented. A total of 91,561 shares present, corresponding to 88.49% of the entity’s share capital. Previously, Castro made it clear where the Junta’s shots would go: “Previous legal consultations have been carried out and the decisions in this regard have already been adopted. This president guarantees that everything decided is in full compliance with current legislation.

Without having started the Meeting, he replied Jose Maria del Nido: “I attend the Meeting with more than 46,000 shares, 1,030 more than half plus one of the shares represented. José María del Nido Benvente must be able to cast his right to vote at the point of the day of the removal of the Council. I warn the president that if I am prevented from voting or if Del Nido Carrasco (his son) is allowed to represent my vote, it would be a corporate crime and disobedience to the judicial mandatewhich would be denounced before the competent authority”.

Castro replied to his predecessor, recalling the pact signed in 2018 that prevented the removal of the members of the Council until 2024. This pact is the basis of the argument of the current managers to prevent the vote of Del Nido. He also stressed that the sentence of the Mercantile on which Del Nido is based, is not yet final. “I remember again that this is a fraud”Castro said.

At the time of the vote, Del Nido’s shares were represented, against his will, by his son Del Nido Carrasco, current vice president. Therefore, the removal of the Council was denied. There were seven votes, since the dismissal of each director had to be voted one by one. The curious note was seeing Del Nido Benavente get up after each vote to take a photo on the screen in which the percentages of each vote were reflected.

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