“Degradation is a weak point, a pending issue”

Sainz’s fourth place was the little that Ferrari could put in its mouth at the Bahrain GP: Leclerc retired due to engine failure when he was third, so the only twelve points in the Maranello box have been added by the Spaniard. Carlos suffered, tire degradation is confirmed as the big problem for the SF-23. As he explained to this medium, there is a lot of work ahead: “In the first ‘stint’, the first few laps were fine. But For trying to get into the Czech DRS I have paid the degradation. Also, I didn’t come out with a new tire like Charles and I paid for it. With hard tires, a little better. But as soon as he pushed a tad he was already going slower instead of going faster. Our car degrades too much”.

“In the end it is the problem that we have, At the minimum that you try to push a little to hold Fernando you cook the wheels, and it almost cost me the position with Hamilton. We are suffering, it is a car that degrades a lot and that leaves very little margin in the race. As soon as you push, you go slower. It is a weak point, pending subject, we have to improve because Red Bull is on another planet in the race and even Aston (Martin). If you see where Fernando was on the first lap, and where he ended up, it was clear from the tests that we were going to suffer in the race,” Sainz told the Spanish press after the race.

Leclerc’s engine failure is worrying because it was unexpected: it was assumed that reliability had been reinforced at the factory. “We always take the oven to the fullest. In the power banks it is not giving problems the engine, so it is something that we have to analyze”, cuts Carlos.

Regarding the battle with Alonso for the last place on the podium, he confirms that there was a touch, but a slight one: “That I have felt that we have touched a bit, but for me it has been a clean battle, Pretty, as always with Fernando. I have tried to do it as I could, but time has put everyone in their place. The reality of Ferrari right now is that Aston Martin and Fernando are one step ahead in the race”.

A good Ferrari for the Jeddah straights

The next stop for the World Championship is the Saudi Arabian GP on the Jeddah Corniche urban circuit. There they await the straight lines that will do the Ferrari a favor. “It is a circuit that wears out the rear less, that will suit us better. There are more straights and it seems that this year we have an efficient car. But if we went back to Bahrain tomorrow we would have to improve the degradation. Although in Jeddah we can think of other things”, Sainz advances. They need to progress.

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