Home Sports Defensive mistakes condemn Huesca against Tenerife

Defensive mistakes condemn Huesca against Tenerife

Defensive mistakes condemn Huesca against Tenerife

The Omissions of the Huesca defendersexploited by the Tenerife players, denounced the Aragonese for not being able to play the game against the Canary Islands (0-2) in their Alcoraz stadium, where they should consolidate their consistency, which is their theoretical goal for this season.

Tenerife clinched their second win in two games as they had possession from the start and more attacking ability than Huesca, who, with five defenders in defence, were mostly trying to protect and counterattack, hoping for Joaquín’s speed and top what They were the most advanced.

The isolated side, who played well and reached the local area, took the lead in the 15th minute with a quick, very well executed and accurate play from the left wing Roberto López was responsible for putting the ball in the net in Waldo’s center.

The Huesca The main reason he didn’t find his game was because no player took over the management staff in midfieldand it was more about executing attack after attack than having clear ideas of what the team had to do, and too upper It was a lonely island running in search of the ball, but it did not reach her because no one served her balls in good condition.

Tenerife played quite comfortably in the first 45 minutes, taking control of the game where they wanted and making things easy for the local defenders too, as in the 35th minute a mistake by Nieto, who missed the ball short which made Luismi Cruz stand alone in front of Alvaro Fernández, and They didn’t know how to hit it and a couple of times they didn’t hit the shots either as the rebounds were saved by the Barça defenders.

44 minutes into the game Enric Gallego had another good chance to beat Alvaro Fernández though In the closing minutes of the first half it was Huesca as they overwhelmed the Tenerife area He blocked it in his penalty area with a scoring opportunity from Kortajarena, which went just wide of Juan Soriano’s left post.

At the break, the Huesca coach changed the bench and brought on two strikers like Gerard Valentín and Escriche to turn the game around, but a mistake by Rubén Pulido in the narrow area during a fight with Waldo allowed him to break free to grab the ball Barcelona defender, and the Tenerife player just had to put the ball in the net.

A free-kick in Huesca’s favor initiated by Sielva in the 58th minute was about to score and later Martos’ shot went over the bar as Huesca concentrated most on Soriano’s goal, causing a gathering of players the tip, which also failed, made it a danger for the guests.

The second part with the changes and the heat due to the exertion and the heat little football to see while Huesca was looking for the goal that would put them in the game, Dominating and approaching the goal of Tenerife, which limited itself to preserving the positive result it had and did not want to let go.

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