Deepti Sharma: Why did the English fans feel so ‘mirchi’ after Deepti ended? Learn what the ICC rules say about it

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  • Ruckus on social media after Deepti runs out
  • Nothing wrong according to ICC rules
  • Captain Harmanpreet also supported

Deepti Sharma runs out: Mankading. Whenever this term has been used on the cricket pitch, there is always an uproar. Even after the last ODI of the three-match series played between the Indian women’s cricket team and England on Saturday, this word was covered on social media with a laugh. Although this match should have been remembered as the last match for the great fast bowler Jhulan Goswami, but in the end a controversial run diverted everyone’s attention elsewhere.

what was the whole thing

The Indian women’s team was defending 170 runs in the third ODI against England. The England team had lost all 9 of their wickets by just 118 runs in pursuit of this small goal. It looked like India would easily win this match now and England’s clean sweep was certain. But then there was a great partnership between Charlie Dean and Freya Davis for the last wicket and gradually the match began to slip out of India’s hands. The England team came within just 17 runs of winning this match and there were still over 6 overs to play. Charlie was playing 47 and Davis was just working to strike him down by scoring 10 runs. Then Deepti Sharma, who was coming to bowl over 44 of this match, won the match for India in one stroke and became a new subject of controversy herself.

In fact, it happened when Deepti was ready to throw her fourth ball over that captain Harmanpreet Kaur gestured to her and asked Charlie Dean to run out on the non-hitting end. What was then, as soon as Charlie left his crease before throwing the ball in, Deepti blew the wicket on the spot. Deepti made a small appeal and the field referee left the matter in the hands of the third referee. The third referee, without wasting much time, sent Charlie off as soon as he saw the replay. And from here a new round of fuss began.

Knowledge of ‘Spirit of Cricket’ began to spread

Seeing this, some English fans, who made ‘Spirit of Cricket’ known on social media, started shouting at Deepti. And it would have happened why he hadn’t seen 21-year-old Charlie Dean cry after losing this game. Now brother, everyone has sympathy for their players. But we want to tell you that these are the same English fans who don’t care about the feelings of the other team’s players. After the 2019 World Cup final was drawn twice, these same people trashed the entire world to explain the rules of cricket. In the final over of the same match, in an attempt to steal runs, when the ball hit Ben Stokes’ bat and went into four, the England crowd cheered the most.

So whatever Deepti did, he did it only under ICC rules. That’s why we’re ignoring these England fans and some of the legends there in the same way that Virat Kohli has been doing to his haters so far. In English, ‘We don’t care’.

What does the ICC rule say?

Now that the matter has grown so much, it is also very important to know what the ICC rules say on this matter. Let us tell you that according to the rules of the governing body MCC, which is under the ICC, the run out of Deepti or Mankading is completely legal. According to MCC Law 41.16.1 “If the batsman leaves his line at the non-hitting end before the ball comes into play or while the bowler normally expects him to leave the ball, the bowler shall be entitled to run it.” out.” In this situation, a batter who is not hitting will be considered out even if the ball has not been pitched.

Harmanpreet got the presenter right

As soon as Deepti brought Charlie out, veteran cricketer Nasir Hussain, who was making comments, seemed a bit unhappy about this. A similar reaction was also from some of England’s great players. At the same time, in the match ceremony, the presenter was constantly trying to surround captain Harmanpreet with that run. However, Harman also gave Nahle a shiver and gave her the idea for that question in the best way. When asked about the depletion, the Indian captain said: “I thought you would also ask me about the remaining 9 wickets, it wasn’t that easy to get them.” This is according to the rules. It shows how conscientious you are and I will always support my player. He didn’t do anything that was against the rules.”

Yes, nothing was against the rules and after all this controversy, the Indian fans should feel just as bad for the England fans as they did for the New Zealand fans after the 2019 World Cup.

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