Deepika Padukone Said On ‘Pathan’ Earnings – ‘We Weren’t Making A Record-Breaking Movie’

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone recently attended Pathan’s successful press conference. Here Deepika Padukone shared some funny experiences related to the shooting of the movie. Along with this, the actress also said that Shah Rukh Khan took great care of her on the sets.

Sharing memories related to the shoot, Deepika said, “Shah Rukh fed me a lot of pizza on the shoot.” Apart from this, Deepika, seeing Pathan’s earnings and the love from the fans, said: ‘We weren’t making a movie for records… We were making movies to entertain people and spend time with good people. Everyone worked very hard. hard, be it anyone on the set. ,

Deepika thanked the fans for the love, the intention with which we made this film… the film was made to bring happiness to people’s lives… which this film did. Deepika: Yeh Jo Pyaar Mila… Go to G7 theater… Bahut Pyaar Mila… Working on a movie that brings happiness to people’s lives is a big deal. This film turned theaters into festivals.

At the press conference, Shahrukh also sang the song ‘Om Shanti Om’ for Deepika. Deepika also gave her opinion on her and Shahrukh’s chemistry. The actress said, my chemistry with Shahrukh is very good. ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Chennai Express’, ‘Happy New Year’… I don’t just respect Shah Rukh, there is a lot of trust between us. If Shahrukh wasn’t there, he wouldn’t be who I am today.”

Deepika thanked fans by calling herself an outsider. The actress said, when I entered the industry as an outsider, I didn’t think she would make it this far. She will do three or four movies with Yash Raj. The way the female character has been written in Pathan is amazing. ,

The actress expressed her desire to make movies of all genres, saying, “Romance, comedy, whatever kind of movie it is, I enjoy doing all kinds of movies. For me, action is like dance…action movies.” . It has been used very little, but I enjoy doing action. While praising Shahrukh, Deepika said that she does the action very well, like a dance. Deepika also joked that she had moved me after seeing John’s body.

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