Deepika Padukone never forgets to link Rakhi with this person in Rakshabandhan, do you know who he is?

The Rakshabandhan festival is very special for the brothers. Now that Rakshabandhan is about to arrive, it is obvious that sister and brother must have started preparing for it. Also in Bollywood, this festival is celebrated with great pomp. Celebrities go out of their way to celebrate this special day together with their siblings. Actress Deepika Padukone doesn’t have a real brother, but there is one person she gives brother status to and she never forgets to tie Rakhi to her every year.

Deepika Padukone is the best actress in the industry. He doesn’t have any real brothers, but he definitely has a sister. But on Rakshabandhan day, he does not feel sad at all because he has no brother of his own. Because there is a person whom he considers more than family and who binds Rakhi in Rakshabandhan every year as his brother. It’s your bodyguard Jalal. Those who stay with him at all times protect him, that’s why Deepika has decided to tie him a rakhi every year.

Jalal is Deepika’s bodyguard who has been on her staff for years. Whenever Deepika goes to the public place, Jalal protects her by staying with her at all times. For this, Jalal also charges a considerable amount every month from Deepika. Deepika gives Jalal a salary of Rs 80 to Rs 1.2 million a year. Although it is part of her profession, as well as profession, Deepika considers Jalal to be part of the family and thus she never forgets to tie Rakhi to her no matter what.

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