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Deepika Padukone lives a luxurious life, from the apartment to the car, everything is very expensive

Whether in curtain or in real life, the charm of Deepika Padukone remains everywhere. Like her movies, Deepika’s lifestyle also falls into the larger-than-life category. Deepika has many luxury vehicles and houses in many places in Mumbai.

According to media reports, Deepika earns four million rupees a month and around 40 million rupees a year. The fee for one of his films is around 15 million rupees. His net worth is estimated at about 351 million rupees. Deepika is very fond of cars. She owns many luxury vehicles and has houses in many locations in Mumbai.

From cars like Audi, BMW to Rs 40 crore apartments in Bandra, learn about the most expensive things Deepika Padukone owns, here's the net worth

Just a few days ago the news came that Deepika and Ranveer had rented a five BHK bungalow in Alibaug that has a ground floor plus a first floor. Its price was said to be around 22 million rupees.

Deepika has another apartment in Bandra, Mumbai, which costs around Rs 7 crore.

Deepika also has an apartment in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, which is on the 26th floor. The price of this apartment is estimated to be around Rs 40 million. Deepika also has many houses in a place like Mumbai and they are all more than one.

Deepika has apartments and bungalows, as well as many luxury vehicles. He has a Mercedes Maybach Siris car, which costs around 1.67 crore.

Apart from this, Deepika also has 2 Audis. She owns Audi A8 and Audi Q7 in this range. The cost of the first job is 1.56 million rupees and the second is approximately 93.35 lakhs.

Deepika also owns a BMW 5 Series vehicle, which Deepika likes very much.

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