Home World Deelivers thanks to the Rider law reaches € 13M

Deelivers thanks to the Rider law reaches € 13M

Deelivers thanks to the Rider law reaches € 13M

Deelivers is a Spanish technology company that handles logistics “same day” providing service to the different platforms in the food delivery sector, including Just Eat and Ubereats, and offering last mile delivery services and courier to a multitude of companies. The Vigo startup already has a presence in more than 30 cities throughout Spain. Just a few months ago they have taken over the public conversation by becoming the perfect ally for delivery platforms to comply with the so-called “Rider Law” by benefiting from its labor hiring model of the so-called riders.

Still waiting for the end of the year and in the middle of the campaign and logistical challenge for Christmas, the Vigo company shares some of its results this 2021. Deelivers and those responsible foresee close the year with up to 13 million euros of turnover. The startup goes from billing 4.3 M euros in 2020 to triple the numbers this 2021. Among the reasons that have catapulted its operations is the proclaimed Rider Law, as well as the restrictions that still existed at the beginning of last year and that made the sector grow.

We have doubled the number of couriers hired”, He comments Adrián Pena, CEO of Deelivers. The company now has a workforce of 1,500 and the number of orders has risen from 100,000 in May to more than 200,000 in November, which double the number of services performed in just 6 months. They also report that “in our forecasts for 2022 we intend to double our turnover and reach 25M euros“.

On the other hand, they have also transformed their mobility. Since last October, Deelivers has closed a strategic agreement with Eezon With the aim of achieving more efficient urban mobility, Eezon produces and markets heavy-duty tricycles to move around cities with mobility and space restrictions. They have also closed another agreement with Restless that provides them with paxters vehicles: electric motorcycles that carry up to 120kg.

Regarding their expansion forecastsDeelivers already works with Spanish clients in the neighboring country (Portugal), covering only specific needs, but with the hope of expanding its operations during the next year.

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