Dedication is like this! The injured student took the board exam in an ambulance

If you are dedicated to study, nothing can be a hindrance, this was proved by a student who took the board exam in an ambulance after being injured.

Education gives a person a path to consciousness and determination of future destiny. There are many students around us who give up studying, but there is no shortage of students who decide their destination at an early age and strive to get education from their heart and then no obstacle comes in their way.

One such example of education and the quest to shape the future was established in the city of Mumbai, India, where the class 10 exams are going on, and during that time, a girl student was seriously injured in a traffic accident.

According to Indian media reports, Mubshera Sadiq is a class 10 student who was going home after giving her science exam on Friday but was hit by a car while crossing the road.

As a result of this accident, the student was seriously injured, her left foot was also affected, which also underwent surgery. Doctors advised him to take complete rest for two weeks.

Due to severe injuries, Mubashra was not able to go to the exam room, but these wounds and injuries could not overshadow her dedication to education and success. In order not to waste a year, Mubashera requested her school teachers to give the next exam in the same condition. Seeing the passion of the student, the school teachers placed her request before the board, which accepted the request.

After the application was accepted, the evangelist reached the school in the ambulance to take the exam and took the exam in it, which was supervised by the teacher in the ambulance. As the injured student could not sit down, she kept telling the answers to the questions of the paper while lying down and the other student kept writing her answers on the exam copy.

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