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Deco gives the worst news to Xavi Hernández: he does not leave FC Barcelona even with hot water

A player who has had a transferable label for months, refuses to leave the culé club, and the worst thing is that he has the support of the Portuguese manager. The Catalan coach will not be intimidated.

Once again we are at the gates of a war between Deco and Xavi Hernández, for a discarded player from the FC Barcelona that does not want to go This rivalry between manager and coach It began to emerge since the continuity of Raphinha was debated, who in the end stayed with the Barça team. But on this occasion, the Egarense coach does not intend to give in to this footballer.

At this time, the player in question stayed in Spain, and did not travel to the United States for the American tour. Xavi separated him from his squad for the pre-season, so that he can resolve his departure from FC Barcelona. But Deco insists that the footballer stay, since they have not found a guarantee replacement for that demarcation.

deco Xavi
Xavi doesn’t want to see Sergiño Dest even in paint, but he has Deco’s support to continue at FC Barcelona.

Xavi opens the exit doors for Sergiño Dest but Deco closes them again

From the Catalan coach’s perspective, there is only one right-back in his squad, and that is Sergi Roberto. With respect to Sergiño Dest, Xavi already got used to the idea that he will not continue in the culé discipline, for which he has asked Mateu Alemany for another winger. However, Deco appears on the scene to notify the coach that there will be no signings in that plot.

Thus, the Portuguese manager makes the coaching staff realize that two options are better than one. That is to say, having two right-backs, even if one of them does not convince the coach. It will be an open war because this time the coach is not going to give in, as he did with Raphinha. Until now, Joan Laporta, the boss of the Barça team, has not manifested himself.

Xavi and Deco’s arguments regarding the future of Sergiño Dest

On the one hand, there is the defense of the American winger, represented by the Portuguese manager, who appeals to the player’s age. This is 22 years old, and still has room for improvement, taking into account that he is a safe summoned by Gregg Berhalter in the North American team. In addition, the lack of minutes in Italy did not help his level.

Then there is the negative side led by Xavi, where he points out that not even the change of scenery could improve Sergiño Dest’s performance. The right-back went to AC Milan in the summer market last year, and throughout the season he only added 632 minutes spread over 14 games. It is clear that he did not earn Stefano Pioli’s trust, and the Egarense coach finds him right.

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