Deck does not suffer a serious injury

Chus Mateo spoke to the media just before traveling to Belgradewhere this Tuesday (7:00 p.m., Dazn) The Red Star of the Argentines Campazzo and Vildoza awaits, but without either of them. The first cannot be registered due to the Euroleague sanction against his club and the second is injured. The coach did not want to assess the situation of Facu and the sanction against the Serbian club. Despite these absences, Dusko Ivanovic’s men won in Valencia last week and have eight victories in the last ten days, since November 17. Madrid travels with 12 players and Mario Hezonja will join Belgrade, who for a personal matter did not play in the last two games. they are not ready either neither Rudy nor Deck yet. The Argentine forward, yes, does not suffer a major injury, just muscle overload.

The Red Star, very changed since October. Yes, it has changed quite a bit. Of the last ten games he has won eight, a radical change in the style of play. A very difficult team to win at home, despite the fact that of those ten days, the two defeats came on their court (Milan and Barça in extra time). They fight and fight until the end, they put a lot of intensity into it, a seasoned team that brings out its virtues in this way, which are many at a collective level. Defensively they are very good one on one”.

The available players. “We are going to travel with the 12 that participated yesterday (against Gran Canaria) and the idea is that Mario Hezonja, who has had some issues to resolve that have led him to be absent these days, rejoins there. We are 12 plus Mario”.

El Pionir, a special setting. “It is a mythical field, which the fans fill and where they push a lot. Basketball is breathed on all four sides. It is not an easy court because it has a bit of an old-fashioned basketball atmosphere, when the pavilions were difficult to assault (as a visitor)”.

The keys to win. “First you have to match their intensity. You can’t lose balls, you have to take good shots and also be aggressive offensively. And do our basics: rebound, run and punish with a counterattack and defend well one on one”.

How are Rudy and Deck? “Rudy is progressing well, we hope that soon he will be with us as part of training, because he has had to stop. He evolves well, but he is still early to use him on this trip. And Deck had some tests this morning. He has ruled out any major injury, but he still has hamstring strain in his right leg. As a precaution, we prefer not to force a movement of such intensity, because he is still limping and we need him to recover well ”.

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Maccabi and Gran Canaria, two great matches in a row. “We have played quite well on both sides of the pitch. Defensively we have been good and we have generated a lot of offensive play with many assists. As a team we have played well, but we have had other good games during the year. The important thing is that we continue to take steps forward. The Euroleague has more equality than ever, if you lose two games in a row you don’t know where you’re going, if you win two in a row you escape… Red Star, which is tenth, is two victories behind the first, there is tremendous equality”.

The Campazzo affair. “I do not enter into that type of assessment, there is simply a statement and a sanction. I have enough with mine to think about other things”.

Equality in the Euroleague. “At the beginning of the season I didn’t make predictions, but I didn’t expect it because there has never been such an equality in the Euroleague. Even the Endesa League is very even. Anyone can beat anyone and you can’t get distracted. I want that speech to sink in, especially in the locker room. You can neither doubt your work if you have done it wrong nor believe yourself better than you are if you have done it well. The best way is to keep a cool head and be mentally tough. Don’t give up if things don’t go well one day.

The actual level of the competition. “There is so much equality because all the teams prepare conscientiously. This week (Thursday) we have to play with Alba Berlin (bottom side), who the other day beat Baskonia, who was first. You can’t take anything for granted and I don’t think it’s because there is a low level in some parts of the table, on the contrary, there is a lot of equality in everything. From position one to ten there are two victories difference and that indicates that all the teams are prepared to be able to enter the playoffs at the end of the regular season”.

In the survey among the managers of the Euroleague, Madrid does not appear among the favourites. “I don’t like it or stop liking it, I don’t care, honestly. I don’t know what survey there was before the Eurobasket with Spain, surely few people gave it as champion. The pools are beautiful, but we do not bet ”.

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