Decisive factor in Real Madrid to put Valverde out on the street

Fede Valverde could be the big loser in the Real Madrid transfer market, as the club has signed one of the greatest talents in the world for his position and in attack all his possibilities could be closed

Despite having been one of the best players on the squad in recent seasons, Valverde’s time at Real Madrid is coming to an end. In the white team they have been able to identify very well the times to transfer their best players in recent years and this does not do the Uruguayan any good, who could turn out to be the big loser in the transfer market.

As we know, Jude Bellingham has been a new player for the white team for several days and at the moment everything seems to indicate that Mbappé will end up arriving at the Santiago Bernabéu this summer. This would leave Fede Valverde in a very delicate situation at Real Madrid. And it is that his position in the starting eleven would be really compromised.

Real Madrid plans to sell Valverde
Valverde could end up leaving the white team

Valverde, on the Real Madrid exit ramp

At the moment, Fede Valverde is the third most valuable midfielder in the world, with a market value of 100 million euros. This situation, together with the fact that Bellingham has been aiming to start his first season, Modric’s continuity and Kroos and the step forward that is expected from Tchouameni and Camavinga, mean that the Uruguayan is on the starting ramp.

And it is that in the center of the field he has never finished performing at his best level and Rodrygo seems to have won the race for the right-handed end. That is why his departure seems closer than ever to take place. Especially since there are teams willing to pay more than 100 million euros for signing Valverde.

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The incident with Baena puts Valverde at risk again

A key point to decide Valverde’s future at Real Madrid It will be what happens this summer with Kylian Mbappé. If the French star ends up wearing the white shirt, the Uruguayan could have his hours counted. But it is not the only thing that interferes in his future. And it is worth noting that what happened with Baena has put the Uruguayan back on the wire.

At the moment, there is talk of a five-game ban. A sanction that would even be short for what happened, since he punched a rival footballer after a game. Florentino Pérez did not like this situation at all, who considers that Fede Valverde’s performance does not correspond to the values ​​of Real Madrid. That is why what happened created great discomfort within the club.

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