Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey left his company late last year. About the reasons can only be speculatedbut in the meantime, the CEO is busy working with crypto service provider Block and, ironically, the decentralized Twitter successor Bluesky. The latter has announced that it wants to allow full freedom of expression.

New platform, completely neutral

twhiter is often criticized for applying stiff censorship to certain groups. You could say that it should, because there are often fierce tweets around that benefit no one at all. Bluesky wants to do that differently. A project called ‘Authenticated Data eXperiment’ (ADX) has recently been open source created. The source code can be downloaded at GitHub

This is based on ‘self-verifying data’, or data that checks itself. What it entails is not entirely clear, but the project will use blockchain technology and has no moderators needed.

On Twitter to emphasize the developers that there are two separate layers in the protocol. The first layer is called the ‘speech layer’, which can be as neutral as your own website. The second layer determines the scope of your posts, which presumably depends on the number of followers and relevance at the time. That determines which of your posts end up in others’ feeds.

Vbusiness model on your own user data?

Bluesky also writes about web crawlers that collect and index user data (read: the public messages). They probably determine which messages are more relevant than others. Perhaps companies can still resell this user data, but maybe you can turn this off.

You can also choose to ‘publish’ the data yourself, presumably by hosting the data yourself. You then only use the platform to connect with others, just like with websites with a linked email address. So much more decentralized.

The protocol is still under development, so things may still change. It is also not clear what the platform will be integrated into. Twitter has started a non-profit initiative, but according to Wikipedia is owned by the Bluesky developers themselves.


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