Decentralized alternative to Twitter is now in Apple’s App Store

Damus, a so-called “Twitter Killer” built on a decentralized network, is now available in Apple’s App Store. The Damus team confirmed this to its 11,500 followers on Twitter on January 31. Damus’ application was rejected the first three times, but now the project has been approved for Apple.

Jack Dorsey is thrilled

Shortly after the news broke, Jack Dorsey also decided to share it on Twitter. The founder and former CEO of Twitter has dived into Bitcoin in recent years and is currently working on solutions to decentralize the internet. Dorsey himself is also working on another project called Nostr, which is a similar platform to Damus. The successful entrepreneur calls the launch of the application in Apple’s App Store a milestone for open-source protocols.

Damus describes itself as a “social network where the user has full control.” The nice thing about the project is that it was built on the basis of the Nostr that Dorsey is working on. Damus plans to become the first social media platform in the world where censorship does not exist. Extra special is that the Bitcoin Lightning Network is also included in the software, allowing users to send each other micro-payments.

44 developers

So far they are already working 44 developers to Damus, with which it has already managed to build a decent team. For the most part, these are enthusiasts who take up this work for free to build what they believe is a better world. It was a bit difficult to get the application in the App Store, because the team failed on the first three attempts. Apple initially disagreed that it would be impossible to block sensitive content.

Somehow it is strange that Apple makes these kinds of requirements for projects. On the other hand, it is their own shop and they can of course make the rules themselves. Still, it is a pity that these types of projects do not even get the chance to prove themselves as a valuable application. Now that seems to be changing, although it is not entirely clear what concessions they have made exactly. Do you want to try the application? Then you can do that from today if you have an iPhone.

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