Decentraland: Why is MANA crypto exploding?

With nearly 50% increase over the last 24 hours, the crypto MANA of the Decentraland project appears to be the strongest progression of the top 100. Against the backdrop, the strong enthusiasm and future prospects around the sector of metaverse.


With recent Facebook announcements, the metaverse industry is overexposed. An overexposure that seems to benefit projects like Decentraland and its MANA token.

Feedback on the Decentraland course over 7 days

The following graph over a period of 7 days allows you to visualize the sharp rise of the day.

Feedback on the Decentraland course over 7 days

Like almost all of the top 100 projects, the MANA was hit by the downturn in the cryptocurrency sector during the day of October 27. But beyond this epiphenomenon, it is the rise of the day that catches the eye. With an increase in price close to 50% in the space of a few hours.

With this rise, the token is now in the sixty-third place of the most important crypto valuations. With a marketcap close to $ 2.1 billion. Along with this increase, the volume of transactions has also increased considerably.

As of this writing, the token is trading for $ 1.15 according to data from CoinMarketCap. A price level that allows it to evolve at 30% of its ATH. A higher level recorded on April 17, when a MANA token traded for $ 1.63. An ATH that the token could also target in the days to come.

The Explosion of the Metaverse as Explanation

Decentraland is part of a booming sector at the moment: that of the metaverse. So what is the metaverse?

Concretely, it is a virtual world, fully connected in which the user evolves in the form of an avatar. To better understand and apprehend the universe of the metaverse, we can only advise you to take a look at Ready Player One, the film by director Steven Spielberg.

Recent announcements from the American giant Facebook also plead for an explosion of this sector in the months and years to come. Indeed, the American firm announced a few days ago its intention to invest more than 10 billion euros in the sector.

Better yet, the group surprised by announcing that they were going to change their name. A name change in favor of Meta, an obvious nod to the launch of its immense project. Other tech giants also believe in and invest heavily in this sector. Like Microsoft. According to a report by Bloomberg Intelligence, the sector could already weigh more than 800 billion dollars per year in 2024. With a strong annual growth rate.

For those who wish to take advantage of the explosion in this sector, the French Winkyverse which targets the field of learning has just launched its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). An ICO that will take place in 3 phases before placing the token on the market during the year 2022.

What about the future of Decentraland (MANA)?

For many observers, the sector is extremely promising and will be more and more so in the years to come.

If one relies on the prediction algorithms, the progression of the last 24 hours could be prolonged. Thus, the models of WalletInvestor establish that a token could be worth more than $ 1.50 within 12 months. Within 5 years, the token could even approach the 5 dollar mark.

Same observation for DigitalCoinPrice for whom the rise could continue. And even increase by the end of the year. Thus, a token could be exchanged for $ 1.72 at the end of 2021. The 2 dollar mark could be exceeded as early as 2022. Depending on the platform Economy Watch, the token could be exchanged for $ 1.50 from the start of 2022. In the longer term, the trend seems to be for a continuation of the rise.

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Decentraland: Why is MANA crypto exploding?

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