Decathlon creates a new digital innovation strategy

decathlon has decided to create a new digital strategy known as ‘Decathlon Open Innovation’. It will have an annual periodicity and will be divided into three programs, launched thanks to the collaboration of third parties. The objective is to develop new technologies, markets and business models. And, above all, help promote sport, as well as its management in sports centers.

“Decathlon Open Innovation ‘was born as a new strategy in terms of digital innovation within the company. Innovation has been part of Decathlon’s DNA since its birth, and now we want to open ourselves to collaboration with others to, together, provide innovative solutions to all athletes ”, it states Kiko León, CEO of the company.

First program launched

The first program carried out is known as ‘Supported by Decathlon’. It focuses on searching for several sportstech startups that are still in the growth phase, with the aim of offering a greater number of digital solutions to athletes.

In addition, this first program has had the collaboration of South Summit, Barcelona Activa and Startup Valencia, with which you can reach a greater number of companies. To search for these startups, belonging to the digital world – sports, the company has had the help from partners.

“It is a collaborative initiative with startups to share resources: on the one hand, startups provide us with disruptive innovation and agility; on the other hand, Decathlon offers them great access to the market, through our eCommerce, stores and brands, as well as knowledge of the industry and the support and talent of our teams “, it states Guillermo Marcet, CEO of Decathlon Open Innovation.

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