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Decathlon, a success story on engagement and conversion

Know how decathlon generates engagement with your audience and boosts your web conversions using the interactive content as part of your marketing strategy.

Let’s get into context

We all probably have at least one Decathlon item in our closet. It is one of the options that comes to mind when we look for the three “B”, good, nice and cheap. Still, this sporting goods giant has been no stranger to the changes driven by the pandemic. The drastic drop in the number of visits to their physical stores have forced them to change their strategy and reinforce your attention in your growing digital community.

Without going any further, its e-commerce has experienced a strong increase, today it represents the 20% of your sales (Decathlon Belgium data). In accordance with Olivier F., Data & direct marketing manager at Decathlon, “We use interactive content to improve engagement at key times of the year.” The objective of these actions is, in the words of Olivier, “to collect strategic data, such as preferences and wishes of our users, which help us segment our database, personalize our communications and reinforce the loyalty of our customers ”.

So, what strategy has Decathlon been tackling to increase the level of engagement with its digital community and boost its web conversion? Let’s take a look at two of the various examples that you can find in the Decathlon success story.

How does Decathlon increase the level of engagement with its audience?

Decathlon uses interactive content to foster interactions with its audience by creating original actions adapted to each season of the year. Let’s see an example of one of those actions carried out for the Christmas and Kings season. By the way, this campaign can be used several times a year, because who dares to say that we do not have enough commercial celebrations?

The “gift guide” campaign

Decathlon came up with the idea to help visitors find the perfect gift for their loved ones through an interactive gift guide. This guide generated personalized suggestions based on the answers given by the participants; personality type, interests, budget, age. The objective? Offer an interactive and fun experience and help them get out of trouble.

How is engagement measured in this type of campaign?

In this case, it is measured by the number of people who participated in the campaign from start to finish. The percentage of participants who answered all the questions and got to see the suggestions was the 72%. A campaign that undoubtedly aroused interest and increased the level of engagement of its online community.

How does Decathlon increase your conversion rate?

Following the same line of engagement, let’s look at another example of how Decathlon uses interactive content to boost its web conversion rate. But first let’s define that they measured as conversion.

→ New products added to the shopping cart.

The “Check list” campaign

For each sport (soccer, volleyball, basketball, dance, etc.) they decided to create a check list that included the sports equipment necessary for their practice. Participants could check which items they had and which items were missing. Based on their responses, the campaign took them to the ecommerce page where they could buy the items they were missing.

The result? 121% more conversions compared to standard landing pages.

These are two examples of interactive campaigns that Decathlon uses to increase its level of engagement and web conversions. If you want to delve into this strategy and understand its results, you can download the success story of Decathlon and Qualifio.

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