Debunking Pseudoscience: The Anti-Science Stance of Love, Mr. Tartaria’s Jordi Wild

Live Events and Content Creation: A New Era of Personal Content

The world of social media and content creation has evolved significantly over the years, with a growing focus on personal content. In recent times, special events and live shows have garnered significant attention from both creators and audiences. These events require a great team of people to organize and execute, making them a significant undertaking.

One notable example is Ibai Llanos, who has developed massive projects such as the "Evening of the Year," the "Marbles World Cup," "Last Man Standing," and the "Balloon World Cup." However, he is not the only creator to organize such events. DjMariio has organized the "Great Game between YouTubers and Jordi Wild," while Jordi Wild has carried out the "Dogfight Wild Tournament," the toughest wrestling event on the internet. Most recently, a debate between conspiracy theorists and science has gone viral, with Carles Torah, also known as Mr. Tartaria, taking part.

The Wild Project: A Podcast for All Topics

Jordi Wild, one of Spain’s most legendary YouTubers, has been working on his biggest project, "The Wild Project," a podcast that covers a wide range of topics. In his summer special, he hosted a debate between conspiracy theorists and science, featuring Carles Torah, also known as Mr. Tartaria, and Rocio Vidal on the side of conspiracy theories, and Javi Santaolalla and Rocio Vidal representing reason and science.

The Debate: A Clash of Ideas

The debate was highly anticipated, as Mr. Tartaria has been a viral figure due to his conspiracy theories related to the flat earth, the existence of elites, Antarctica, and extraterrestrials. Many users on the internet had been asking for him to verbally confront scientists, and Jordi Wild made it happen. However, Mr. Tartaria had an ace up his sleeve.

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Love: The Unexplainable Element

During the debate, Mr. Tartaria attempted to refute the scientists’ arguments with his data, but ultimately found an element that was difficult to debate with his opponents: love. He argued that love cannot be explained with logic and that science cannot explain the logic of love because it has no logic and yet it exists. His point of view was that science has many things correct, but it is based too much on logic.

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