The performance of the representative team in the past World Classic was one of the biggest disappointments suffered by the Dominican sports nation. The criticisms have been right, immutable principles of baseball were violated; play together, promote harmony, maintain discipline and above all use players in good condition.

Getting a batter to balance the speed of his swing with the bat is very complex, for a reason hitting is considered the most difficult task in any sport. In the 2006 event, Cuba defeated the Dominican Republic in the game that decided the pass to the final match helped by the formidable contribution of their veteran pitcher Pedro Luis Lazo who dominated the native bats with low-speed breaking shipments. In this regard, Albert Pujols, one of Lazo’s victims, later expressed that he was sure that, with due control of his bat, he would have destroyed those pitches.

I reiterate that the post-contest criticisms have been accurate, but the most important were those expressed before the Clásico, which were fulfilled. From the beginning, signals of the disorientation that existed in the dome were emitted. Nelson Cruz has been a great baseball player, his place in Dominican immortality is

assured, but this was not the time to improvise with him as General Manager. She put the cap on the knob when he was listed as a player. He was at the same time the manager’s boss and subordinate and his presence in the dugout under these conditions reflected negatively on the players’ spirits. I understand that never in the history of the game did something like this happen. To this we must add that with a menu of leaders available who have demonstrated his talent, he chose the least qualified and least experienced.

The position of Dominican baseball as second in quality in the world is not in dispute due to the results indicated, the sample is too small to be conclusive. Ohtani is wrong, Japanese baseball is not above the Dominican, nor Cuban, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan or Mexican. Where he is right is that there was arrogance, arrogance, pedantry and arrogance; that is a habitual evil of the Dominican difficult to eradicate. [email protected]

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