Death of Samuel Paty: the Ministry of National Education wishes a tribute in each school on October 15

One year after the assassination of the history-geography teacher, schools and establishments will be able to “organize a time of meditation” in memory of Samuel Paty, announces the Ministry of National Education.

The Ministry of National Education would like a tribute to be paid to Samuel Paty in all schools on October 15, the day before the first anniversary of the death of the history and geography teacher near the college of Bois d’Aulne where he worked, in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), learned franceinfo by consulting a note from Jean-Michel Blanquer to the attention of academy rectors dated October 6.

“Schools and establishments will be able to organize a time of meditation in memory of Samuel Paty, and devote one hour of lessons on Friday, October 15 to a time of exchanges, the content of which will be left to the choice of the teams according to their respective situations and taking into account in particular the age of the pupils “, explains the minister.

The Minister suggests the organization, from the third cycle, of a sequence that allows “to promote awareness of what critical thinking is, the importance of the scientific approach, based on facts and their observation, the way in which the confrontation of facts, representations and ideas makes it possible to forge oneself an informed opinion on the most sensitive subjects “, and therefore also of “think together about the role and place of the teacher”.

To do this, educational resources are made available to teachers on the Internet, such as the letter To teachers and teachers by Jean Jaurès dated January 15, 1888, or documents explaining what freedom of expression and the principles and principles are. values ​​of the Republic.

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Several commemorations are also organized the next day, Saturday October 16. A very framed tribute is planned at the college where Samuel Paty taught: speeches by professors are scheduled and the students will make several artistic interventions, such as the reading of Paul Eluard’s poem on freedom, franceinfo learned from the rectorate of the Versailles academy. A statue in memory of the professor will also be unveiled.

In addition, according to information from franceinfo, a march will be organized in the city of Conflans-Saint-Honorine, a commemorative plaque will be inaugurated at the Ministry of National Education and a square in the name of Samuel Paty is to be inaugurated in front of The Sorbonne in Paris.

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