Death of Michael K. Williams: when the actor told the origin of his scar on his face

She changed her career forever. In an interview with American radio NPR in 2014, Michael K. Williams revealed how he inherited the huge scar on his face.

The comedian, who was found dead at the age of 54 in his New York apartment of a possible heroin overdose, said the incident took place on his 25th birthday.e birthday party with some friends, in a bar in the Queens district. “I saw that two of my friends were surrounded by guys I didn’t know. And it seemed that a fight was going to break out, ”he told the American site NPR.

Michael K. Williams, who worked as a dancer in the music videos of stars such as George Michael or Madonna, then joined his friends by telling them that he was ready to leave the place and go home. But he noticed that one of the members of the group who attacked his friends was active at his side. “He kept making noise with his teeth, I look at him, and I say to him ‘Yo, how are you man? Hey bro, what’s your problem? ‘ », Had specified Michael K. Williams.

Without warning, the man in question put his hand in front of his mouth, and slapped him hard in the face. “What he had just done was spit out a razor blade. In fact, he had positioned the blade so that he could put it between his middle and ring fingers, and then he struck me across the face, ”he continues. It was the first blow of the evening, but Michael K. Williams and his friends managed to get out of the bar alive “in extremis”.

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Subscribers to the roles of thugs

Now carrying a gigantic scar in the middle of the face, Michael K. Williams has seen his career profoundly changed. “Things changed immediately after that. The directors didn’t want me to dance in the music videos anymore. They wanted to see me play the roles of thugs, ”he explains.

Shortly after, rapper Tupac Shakur, who was shooting the movie Bullet, stumbles upon a photo of Michael K. Williams and insists on giving him the role of his brother on screen. Following this, he will have a series of roles on television, in Law & Order, in The Sopranos, before inheriting that of Omar Little in The Wire. “This character has changed my life,” he confided.

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