Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: “They say that cinema is sad but boxing has also been knocked out”, greets Brahim Asloum

The boxer and Olympic champion retains from the actor “his advice, his benevolence” and his fighting spirit.

They say cinema is sad but boxing has also been knocked out “, reacted Monday, September 6 the boxer and Olympic champion Brahim Asloum after the announcement of the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo. “I am sad, I did not imagine that, I imagined Jean-Paul still resisting for many years. “

Jean-Paul Belmondo was the godfather of Brahim Asloum “for the Sydney Olympics“, in 2000. It is from this moment that they have”learned to discover himself. He was always present in my boxing meetings“.

He was a boxing lover. When he came to a boxing meeting he would arrive for the first fight and he would leave after the last fight.

Normally people come mostly for the main fight but he paid attention to all the boxers. He was an amazing man“, continues Brahim Asloum.

The champion learned a lot from Jean-Paul Belmondo. “We discussed a lot. My discussions with him at the start of my career were very important because he gave me lots of advice, he told me to be careful, to be on my guard about the life that could come before me. He was very benevolent.

“He was arguably the most beautiful ambassador of French boxing.”

After his attack “everyone thought it would be over for him but he got back on his feet, he was coming back to boxing matches, he was showing no weakness. I saw him so hard that I’m a little surprised“by his death.

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