Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: the world of cinema pays tribute to him

When the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo was announced on Monday, September 6, many actors and directors of French cinema paid tribute to the actor who died at the age of 88. Among them, Alain Delon, says he is completely devastated.

Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo had played together in the film Borsalino. Monday, September 6, the first is said to be completely devastated by the death of the second, at the age of 88. “I am shattered. It is a friend that I am losing, a colleague. We have known each other for sixty years, sixty years since we worked together (…) I am overwhelmed”, Alain Delon told Europe 1.

When the death of “Bébel” was announced, many actors and directors of French cinema paid tribute to him. “It is as if there was an entire wall of a palace that was collapsing before our eyes (…) For me, Belmondo was gaiety itself”, reacts the actor Denis Podalydès. “For me, it is as if I got up in the morning, that I was walking on the quays and that the Eiffel Tower was no longer there”, continues Michel Boujenah. A tribute will be paid to Jean-Paul Belmondo, according to the Ministry of Culture.

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