Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: the actor was also a stuntman

Jean-Paul Belmondo was keen to carry out his stunts himself, which were sometimes extremely perilous. For example, he had flown over Venice suspended from a trapeze in “Le Guignolo” by Georges Lautner. Back to its most beautiful waterfalls.

Jean-Paul Belmondo used to perform his stunts himself, and for that, he could to be suspended in the air, au steering wheel of a racing car, or hanging from the chandelier of a large hotel. The uncomfortable postures did not scare “Bébel”. The actor did not want to be replaced in front of the camera. He has even flew over Venice suspended from a trapeze in The Guignolo by Georges Lautner.

What spectator had not been afraid for him when he saw him standing on the Parisian metro in Fear over the city, by Henri Verneuil? On the sets, his performances impressed. Belmondo practiced boxing, and could have been a top athlete. “When I was very young, I hesitated between a sporting career or an actor, and let’s say that with this kind of cinema, I do both, so I am a fulfilled man”, he said. He had made this peculiarity a trademark.

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