Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: 50 years of cinema in ten cult lines

Here are some of Jean-Paul Belmondo’s cult replicas gleaned from the some 75 films of the French actor who died Monday, September 6 in Paris.

“Breathless”, by Jean-Luc Godard (1960):
“If you don’t like the sea, if you don’t like the mountains, if you don’t like the city … fuck yourself!”

“A monkey in winter”, by Henri Verneuil (1962):
“A paella without shellfish is like a leg without garlic, a crook without a rosette: something that displeases God!”

“The Man from Rio”, by Philippe de Broca (1964):
“Leaving his country, his family, his army, his friends, crossing the oceans to see a wench stir with the noise of pots, does that seem normal to you?”

Jean-Paul Belmondo with Andrea Parisy in "One hundred thousand dollars in the sun" (Henri Verneuil, 1964) (LIMOT / COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL VIA AFP)

“One hundred thousand dollars in the sun”, by Henri Verneuil (1964):
“When the 130-kilo guys say certain things, the 60-kilo guys listen to them.”

“The Mississippi Mermaid”, by François Truffaut (1969):
– Jean-Paul Belmondo: “When I look at you, it’s a pain”
– Catherine Deneuve: “Yet yesterday, you said it was a joy”
– Jean-Paul Belmondo: “It is a joy and a suffering.”

“Borsalino”, by Jacques Deray (1970):
– Alain Delon : “Francois, why are you leaving?”
– Jean-Paul Belmondo: “Because there are two of us”.

Jean-Paul Belmondo in "Doctor Popaul" by Claude Chabrol (1972) (LES FILMS DE LA BOETIE / COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL VIA AFP)

“Doctor Popaul”, by Claude Chabrol (1972):
“I’m tired of being loved for myself, I wish I was loved for my money.”

“Cops and robbers”, by Georges Lautner (1979):
“I know you didn’t kill the other idiot! But you shot others! If we add racketeering, drugs, bitches to that, it’s been a pretty career anyway! The twenty years that you are going to take, it is a little the medal of the work that we are going to give you. “

“Le Gignolo”, by Georges Lautner (1980):
“Do you know what the difference is between a jerk and a thief? A thief, every now and then, it takes a rest.”

“Itinerary of a spoiled child”, by Claude Lelouch (1988):
“The best way to make people believe that you know everything is to never seem surprised. Because you often seem surprised, that’s a flaw (…) It’s astonishing but that shouldn’t surprise you. “

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