Death of Bernard Tapie: the incredible anecdote of Basile Boli and the toilets

Very touched by the death of Bernard Tapie, Basile Boli, former defender of OM, has better memories, including a particularly funny one.

If he managed to bring the European Cup of Champions Clubs to Marseille, “The Boss” obviously owes it to the French defender who scored the only goal of the final against AC Milan in Munich on this evening of 26 May 1993.

Moreover, Basile Boli, bought by Bernard Tapie in 1990 in Auxerre, remembers the pugnacity of its former president and in particular during a Champions League match against Bruges in 1992-1993.

“He knew my state of mind was to pick up a crescendo, so I wasn’t going to go 100%. But he wanted me 100%, ”Boli told France 2. But Tapie was ready to do anything to have his player 100%.

“When I go to the bathroom, he follows me… continues to tell the French international with a very amused air. And he comes into the bathroom with me, and he closes the bathroom door. And I say to him ‘But president, I am going …’ He said to me ‘Well that’s okay.’ To piss him off, I open the newspaper, I sit down and I am ‘caguer’! But he does not come out! He’s there, he wants to say his thing. He says’ the match, it’s yours, only you can win us this match. Look, I know you’ve come back from an injury, but it’s okay, you got to be 100%. If you’re 100%, we’ll win it ‘. And he goes out. “

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