“Death Beach” reopened to the public

Palm Beach, known as the ‘Beach of Death’ in Egypt, has reopened to the public after three years of closure.

According to foreign media, Palm Beach, known as the ‘Beach of Death’, in the coastal area of ​​Alexandria Governorate in Egypt, which was closed three years ago after an increase in the number of foreign tourist deaths, has now been reopened. And this time the security arrangements have been extended further.

According to the report, this beach had acquired a serious and negative reputation due to the significant increase in tourist drowning incidents every year. Especially in 2018, 16 drowning accidents were reported on a single day. Most of the incidents were caused by invisible eddies in deep waters near the coast. The increasing number of accidents forced local authorities to close the beach to the public.

The director general of the General Administration of Resorts, Osama Ali, said that the breakwaters (large rocks) placed along the shore created too many eddies that were dangerous for inexperienced swimmers, leading to the beach being closed to the public in 2020. Closed.

Following the government’s decision, the main roads leading to the Corniche and the beach side were sealed off with barbed wire. Warning boards were posted prominently stating that the beach was closed by the government and entry into the area was strictly prohibited.

Now that it has reopened, security measures have been tightened and guidelines for tourists have been issued for the reopening of the beach this summer with new safety regulations, field monitoring as well as diving and rescue. Swimming is facilitated in the sea with the standard restrictions set by the federation, however, there is a strict ban on swimming away from the designated coastal areas for violation of which action will be taken against the culprits.

In this regard, the head of the Central Administration of Tourism and Resorts in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Abdelrazaq, has said that with the lifeguards stationed on the coast, in consideration of the immediate rescue and safety measures, the motorcycles (Skyjet) operated in the sea in various facilities ) have been instructed to patrol underwater, any violation or neglect of instructions will result in immediate closure of the beach and will adhere to these rules for the safety of life.

In addition, three or four water scooters with approved rescue tools will be permanently available near tourists, fully equipped with safety equipment for near-shore emergencies. Four ambulance points have been established.

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