Deaf: “Either he was third or he left the car there”

Few times has Dani Sordo been so happy at the end of a rally. The Spaniard was thrilled upon his arrival in Salou after his fierce battle with Sebastien Ogier.

– Was your 50th podium a special podium?

– The truth is that having all the family and friends here, who had not come two years ago, and I wanted to give them joy. The truth is that I wanted to win, but Neuville was very strong on the first and second days, and that’s why he wanted to get at least one podium. Everyone was waiting for the end of the stage and I said it has to be yes or yes. There was a year that I lost a podium with Evans in the last stage, they were all waiting there and I felt super bad for several days. That is why I said that it does not matter whether it rains or hails. Either I come third or I leave the car there.

– A very special friend has even come, his neighbor in Andorra, Fabio Quartararo, who can be proclaimed champion in MotoGP this week.

– I really appreciate everyone coming. My family, who always follow me, the people who follow me from home who haven’t been able to come, and Fabio, who told me: “you have to make a podium”. I am very grateful that you have come to see me because you have a very tight schedule and it is a detail.

– Have you weighed the first stage in which the dirtiest road was found?

– The first day, between the fact that it took me a bit to catch the rhythm that those who go to all the races have and the dirt … in the end we were eleven seconds behind Evans. If there had been more stages it would have been tighter. Where I have failed is where I was dirtiest, I was a little more conservative and wasting a lot of time.

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– Fantastic result for Hyundai, with a first, a third and preventing Toyota from being crowned.

– The team is happy because we have done things well. This year, honestly, some things have not gone well for us because of nonsense, but the car has gone well, even though we have lost races. But the car goes like a shot and that is important.

– Your boss has said that he has cleared the doubts of those who did not understand his renewal.

– What Andrea says is important to me because he is my boss, although sometimes he gets a bit tiresome. I like that people speak well of me, but it works like this: if you keep running, people say that you have been there for many years, and if you say that you are going to retire, they tell you that you cannot. The other day he called me and said “how are you going to retire? Are you crazy or what!”

– How did you experience it with Cándido Carrera, your co-driver, who was your first podium?

– I wanted to win a stage in the World Cup, and today we have won four. And he told me, “if I do a podium, they put a monument to me in my town.” Well, they will put a monument to him and he says that he is going to walk to put some candles I do not know where. The truth is that I wanted to do it for him, because he is very motivated, he is working hard, he is improving a lot. When we won the first stage, his tears fell. Those people who have passion are very beautiful.

– Next appointment, Monza.

– Of course! As here. I want to fight for the victory and I think we can also be ahead. Let’s go for it all.

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