Deadpool & Wolverine: Karan Soni (Dopinder) announces a festival full of guest appearances never before seen in cinemas

Deadpool and Wolverine » promises to be one of the most anticipated films in the world Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which caused great anticipation among fans and stakeholders of the project. Karan Soniwho takes on his role again Dopinderrecently shared his excitement for the film and hinted that the MCU prepares many surprises for the public. His statement to diversity highlights the level of secrecy surrounding the project and teases the existence of many potentially memorable cameo appearances.

“This new version of the MCU is top secret. There are many surprises. Let’s just say a lot of people went to London. »

The participation of Hugh Jackmanwho repeats his iconic role as wolverine and the character’s official integration into the MCUShe has already captivated fans. However, the participation of Karan Soni suggests that ” Deadpool and Wolverine » will go above and beyond, with the presence of many surprise guests and many big names who visited the film’s set in London. This cameo strategy illustrates the commitment of Wonder to create close connections between the different films and series and enrich the shared universe through interactions between different characters.

In addition to the already confirmed cameos, such as that ofAaron Stanford Resuming his role as Pyrothe film seems to promise the participation of other beloved characters from the MCU and maybe even other universes Wonderlike the mentions of Jennifer Garner In Electra or Sir Patrick Stewart In Charles Xavier. According to the latest news, the Fantastic Four from Tim story (Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffud, Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans), the old and new X-Men of the Fox, Channing Tatum In gambit, Taron Egerton and Daniel Radcliffe in variants of wolverine, Sabretooth, Mobius and Victor Timely, Loki

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Footage revealing multiverse variants of Deadpool and Wolverineas well as the appearance of Dog pool, highlight the creators’ desire to explore the concept of the multiverse and pave the way for a variety of stories and interactions. The presence of cameo appearances, whether confirmed or speculated, promises to enrich the cinematic experience by giving fans moments of surprise and delight.

While ” Deadpool and Wolverine » Preparations for a trip July 26, 2024, the anticipation continues to grow. Fans can expect a film that is not only full of the action and humor typical of these characters, but also a cinematic experience full of unexpected connections and allusions to the wider universe Wonder.

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