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An expert has notably analyzed the non-verbal of the video of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

A few weeks ago, Ryan Reynolds literally broke the internet as a result of the D23 by publishing a humorous video announcing the start of construction Deadpool 3 and the huge return of Hugh Jackman in Wolverine in passing. The Australian actor playing the clawed mutant wanted to reassure everyone: Deadpool 3 will not waste the legacy of Logan and what happens to him in the movie of the same name in 2017. The occasion will be to allow fans to see a real crossover between Logan and Deadpool after the mess X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Even if the third film around Wade Wilson will be situated in a temporality that is a fortiori different from Loganseveral questions can come to us about this return: How will it happen and the story will take place where and when?

A lip-reading expert by the name of Jomboywho has already analyzed more than 2000 player videos during matches, had fun looking into this mysterious case where Jackman and Reynoldsbefore explaining the synopsis of Deadpool 3get cut off by the music “Wake me up before you go-go” of the group wham. Here’s what they say (and it is clear that they remained humorous and troll in all circumstances) :

“Ryan Reynolds: What really happens in our movie is… (music starts, lip-reading starts) these two fucking guys come out. And him, he’s like, “grrrr” (imitating Wolverine pulling out his claws), and I’m just like, “gouuuuu” (imitating Deadpool getting ready to fight)… And then I fucking grab him, and chase him everywhere, and we go through stuff and we go to all these different places.

Hugh Jackman: And we’re gonna have this massive, massive, huge, huge fucking explosion.

RR: Yeah! And I have the sabers that go “shmmmmm”, “boooom” (imitating sabers coming out of their scabbards and sticking in Wolverine), “baaaaaaaah” (imitating Deadpool falling after being stuck in the head by Wolverine).

HJ: That’s it! (tapping his back like he was sinking Wolverine’s claws in Deadpool)

RR: But I’m fine! I’m clearly laughing about it.

HJ: And I too am alive. But you really have to see that because… We are at our best!

RR: Yeah!

HJ: That’s right, on top.

RR: And what a way to measure up for you.

HJ: Oooh. I’m so excited about the movie, you’re gonna fucking love it.

RR: It will be the best. »

Deadpool © Marvel Studios
Deadpool © Marvel Studios

If we take credit for the only interesting information in the speech: there could be the perspective of the multiverse in Deadpool 3. Heart of phases 4.5 and 6, the multiverse will gain in importance in the opuses to come. If there has been any allusion to the Mad Mercenary in the MCU, it’s probably to classify his adventures in another place and another time. A space-time that could take advantage of leaps in the multiverse to join that of the mcu. In this case, one can wonder about the exact role of Wolverine.

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Considering the circumstances and the friendship between the two actors, nothing is to be excluded, even less an anecdotal participation of Hugh Jackman purely there for humorous purposes. Faced with this massive announcement of Ryan Reynoldsthe track of a simple cameo is to be excluded but nothing prohibits that Dead Pool can travel the multiverse and come across a variant of Logan which has absolutely nothing to do with that of the film of James Mangold. The border on the synopsis of Deadpool 3 is still too vague. No one really knows if Wolverine will have a real impact on the film and if the true heart of the feature film will be the meta trajectory of Wade Wilson across the multiverse, meta the way the show did she hulk with Jennifer Walters. One thing is certain though: the film will keep its R-Rated essence.

The film will be directed by Shawn Levyfilmmaker of The Night at the Museum trilogy and movie Free Guy. Deadpool 3 has been postponed for three months (September 2024 to November 2024) due to the total imbroglio around the feature film Blade.

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