Deadpool 3: Key X-Men characters back?

Deadpool 3 of Shawn Levy has just started production and is already starting to accumulate some serious rumors. The Insiders announce in particular that the feature film will be a real multiversal shambles where Wade Wilsonarmed with the space-time machine of Cable (Josh Brolin), will attract the ire of the VAT and its leader, mobius (Owen Wilson). As a result, a very large number of ancient protagonists of the universe Marvel and some fox are announced back in this third installment of the adventures of Dead Pool.

The first trends reported a comeback of Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellenrespectively in Charles Xavier And Magneto. It is especially the interpreter of the leader of the mutants, returned during a short cameo in Multiverse of Madness of Sam Raimi, who may have divulged a little too much. The film also announces the return of Ioan Gruffud (Mr Fantastic from the first F4ntastics franchise). But those big cameo announcements wouldn’t stop there.

Indeed, if the Wolverine of Hugh Jackman is already announced in the distribution, other mutants of X-Men could be part of the Blockbuster. Halle Berrywho played Tornado in most movies X-Menrecently posted a photo where she appeared with silver-white hair, symptomatic of her look in Tornado. This prompted CanWeGetSomeToast to confirm the appearance of Storm in the film, as well as James Marsden returning as Cyclops And Famke Janssen inasmuch as John Gray. A trifle of returns that could be set in stone Deadpool 3 as being the farewell tour of the old mutants of the fox.

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