Deadpool 3: According to some “leaks”, Mobius (Owen Wilson) would be the cornerstone of the feature film

In view of the great concerns raised by the mcu for his future (Vitoria Alonso fired, Jonathan Majors arrested, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania fiasco), marvel studios capitalizes all the attention on headlines likely to entice the public. In this sense, the mastodons Avengers: The Kang Dynasty And Secret Wars attract all eyes as Deadpool 3. It is Ryan Reynolds who announced with great fanfare the arrival of the film for the November 6, 2024 shortly after the last D23 studios disney.

A Deadpool 3 who will orchestrate the big surprise return of Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. Many then worried about the potential sabotage of the clawed mutant legacy left by Logan in the suite made in disney. However, the actor The Greatest Showman or even a movie The Son reassured his world: Deadpool 3 will not affect the future of Wolverine.

According to leaks from cosmicbooknews and some Insiders, mobius (Owen Wilson) would be considered the cornerstone of the feature film directed by Shawn Levy. Wade Wilsonby dint of playing with the time machine of Cable (Josh Brolin), would have the whim of saving Wolverine of his disastrous fate in Logan. What mobiusidentifying space-time perturbations within the VAT, would personally track down the mercenary. In this chase, they will cross a head in the entirety of the universe FOX where certain characters could come to perform their last stand.

X-Men - Fox
X-Men – Fox

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have already announced their return for a mysterious film Marvelwhich could be either this or Secret Wars. Other convex sources also announce the presence in the film of Mr Fantastic (Ioan Gruffud). Meet in November 2024 to get to the bottom of it.

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