Deadly bow and arrow attack in Norway “targets” terrorist attack

The attack that occurred yesterday in Kongsberg (south-western Norway), in which a radicalized convert to Islam killed five people and wounded two with a bow and arrows, "aim" to a terrorist attack, the intelligence services reported today.

"The events in Kongsberg point at the moment to a terrorist attack, but it will be the investigation, conducted by the Southwest District Police, that will determine what motivated them.", the intelligence services (PST) said in a statement.

The individual, a 37-year-old Danish man, was on a list of people who worried about his radicalization, the Police had reported hours before, which had been prudent on their part when confirming that it was a terrorist attack.

The PST collaborates with the police with information "relevant" who can contribute to the investigation and works to find out if the attack might inspire others to commit "serious acts of violence", although it has no information at the moment that this is the case.

"The accused was known by the PST without being able to give more details", reported Norwegian intelligence, for which the attack does not change the level of terrorist threat, which remains moderate.

The PST stressed that random attacks on people in public places are a common modus operandi among Islamic fundamentalists who commit terrorist acts in the West.

The Police assumes that the man, who will be presented to the court tomorrow to request preventive detention, acted alone and has confirmed that he used more weapons, in addition to the fact that the victims are four women and a man between 50 and 70 years old.

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Local authorities received a notice yesterday at 18.13 local time (16.13 GMT) that a man with a bow and arrows was moving through the center of Kongsberg, and five minutes later several agents had contact with him, but he managed to escape after shooting them. .

The arrest took place at 6:47 p.m. local time, and in the action the police fired warning shots.

Police reports suggest that the killings occurred after the first contact with the agents.

The Kongsberg city council has set up a shelter for relatives and affected people and mobilized a crisis team to deal with the situation.


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