Home Sports De Paul: “People will enjoy Griezmann again”

De Paul: “People will enjoy Griezmann again”

De Paul: “People will enjoy Griezmann again”

They couldn’t take the win even though they tried.

We were protagonists, people appreciated it, we wanted to give ourselves a victory at home, we knew the competition, trying so the results will come.

How did you see Griezmann?

Well, he is a very important player for us, he knows the dressing room, the club, he knows the dynamics of the coaching staff and we are delighted to have him with us.

What did you feel when you saw the stands cheering like this?

It is the most beautiful thing in football. We miss people when they are not there. We know that with them we are stronger. In Europe at Wanda we only lost one game and we have the bitter taste of not being able to give them the victory. But the team tried to the end.

Griezmann was whistled and I don’t know if he was affected.

On the pitch I didn’t notice him like that, for us he is a super important player, he has had great nights here, he has experience and it is an important value that we have in the dressing room and I am sure that people will enjoy it again.

These two points can be very regrettable.

The group is difficult, but the competition has its difficulties, for something it is the most important competition. We will go out to seek victory in all fields and this team will surely be up to the task.

Oblak: “Luckily there is VAR and they whistled the hand”

Jan Oblak attended the Movistar Champions League microphones after Atlético’s draw against Porto, in a very close match, with few occasions and where the VAR had to act to annul a goal of the Portuguese team by a touch with the hand.

Difficult match. “We were looking for victory. Things did not work out, he defended well, but we managed the game until they scored a goal, luckily it was hand and we have to continue, there are many games left and we will have many games like that ”.

Goal canceled. “Luckily there is VAR, it seemed strange to me how the ball bounced off his body. They have whistled our hand, they almost marked us from our mistake, they hadn’t given us chances, but we have to be focused so that things like that don’t happen ”.

They did not feel comfortable. “Porto have been very good on the pitch, creativity and chances have been lacking, but they are tough games against teams that close up and play on the counter attack, it will never be easy. We have to do better to win the games ”.

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