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De la Fuente hallucinates as he is questioned again

De la Fuente hallucinates as he is questioned again

The Spanish team doesn’t leave one puddle to get into another. The last one practically borders on hilarious. Spain landed in Tbilisi, Georgia, without a regular player in a soccer team. The box with the soccer shoes wasn’t there.

The association has ensured that the players have the football boots for the gamethey must arrive at dawn, but training had to be carried out with sneakers.

Therefore, Due to the danger, the national players were unable to hit the ball that this entailed and they limited themselves to physical exercises. Another setback for a Luis de la Fuente, who doesn’t win through disappointments.

He could hardly taste the success in the UEFA Nations League, which he fondly remembered: “Let no one forget the very important success that we achieved.” In addition to his hallucinations when he was asked if he would be in the event of a Defeat felt supported by the Federation, “What if we won 7-0? “This is football.”.

De la Fuente, always questioning

Sitting on the bench heading into his fifth game, De la Fuente resignedly assumes he will always remain in the eye of the Hurricane: “I’ve never had a quiet press conference. You slowly get used to it. I don’t mind the pressure for football, I accept it of course. I appeal to my responsibility, the first self-criticism is mine and I have to deal with it and fight, I say that with all due respect, it is normal.”

These were the only non-sporting comments De la Fuente allowed. He didn’t want to talk about the “Rubiales case” anymore. The tension was still palpable in the atmosphere. Even among Georgian journalists, who only found an answer to the delicate issue by appealing to the spirit of their team. “The prestige of Spanish football depends on this game. I’m impressed by the players’ commitment“, he emphasized.

The gentleman resolved the vote as best he could. Neither Vilda, nor Rubiales, nor the players’ statements… nothing was analyzed. He talked about the real names of a player on his team, Lamine Yamal and another one who is not there, Sergio Ramos.

De Lamine said: “He seemed very good to me on TV, when you work with him you see more of his potential, he’s much better.”. Everyday life is clearer. It is very important for us. He is here under his own power. He is a brilliant playerHe. He is still very young and we are letting the stages pass.

As for a hypothetical Ramos return, he didn’t get wet in the slightest. Their relationship deteriorated after he told him he wasn’t expecting him, and his return seems difficult even if he had signed for Sevilla. “I try to bring the best and here are the ones that, in my opinion, offer the best conditions for these games,” was his answer.

Rodri and the Ballon d’Or

Rodri, one of the captains, was luckier. The press already knew that the City player I wouldn’t talk about the statement, nor would Jennifer Hermoso.so they avoided the questions straight away.

His most notable response was when asked if he thought he could win the Ballon d’Or. He is on the list as the only Spanish candidate nominated. “It is an honor to be on the list and represent Spanish football. Winning the Ballon d’Or would be a dream. “I know the players I’m fighting for. It’s a journalist’s decision and they will make the decision.”

Rodri added: “It was a very special season for me.”. I have participated in important moments in achieving some titles, For me it’s a dream to be on the list. “I have colleagues who deserve it too.”

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