De facto change in the Athletic captaincy

De facto change in the Athletic captaincy

Although it seems that it may be something specific, the truth is that the repeated substitution of Iker Muniain and the great state of form of Óscar de Marcos already set a trend in the athleticzale team

The captaincy in a team like him Athletic It becomes more important if possible. The club’s philosophy means that many youngsters from the academy make it to the first team. And generally the captain is a footballer who spends many years at the club, being a reference for his teammates and for the younger fans.

But as with everything in life, there are always exceptions. The current captain, Iker Muniain, is not exactly that benchmark. The style of it is not aligned with the eigenvalues ​​of the captaincy of Athletic, of effort and discretion. On the other hand, Óscar de Marcos does represent that example of player and values ​​that the team of 125 years of history pursues.

Iker Muniain, captain of Athletic

The Athletic captaincy undergoes a change

It is possible that it is something specific. But Iker Muniain has five consecutive substitutions, without being injured or having discomfort. We have already spoken in recent days about the club’s intention to give high contracts a spin, like Muniain’s own.

His substitution may be part of that club strategy of making the Navarrese see that he either accepts a negotiation to lower his salary or he will have to find a way out. But at the same time there is the intention of Jon Uriarte to recover certain values ​​that seem lost in Athletic.

The values ​​of Óscar de Marcos, the values ​​of Athletic

The club celebrates 125 years of history and intends to turn around recent years. Abandon conformism, adapt salaries to the new reality… and at this point, the Athletic captaincy is undergoing a change. Muniain’s substitution allows Óscar de Marcos to wear the bracelet.

A De Marcos who, as we have explained, feels much more that responsibility that the captaincy of a historic club like Athletic entails. The premises are work and respect. It cannot be ruled out that this issue is also affecting the substitution of Iker Muniain.


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