David Villa presses to place an exotic striker at Cádiz CF

Very good reports of the one recommended by the ‘guaje’ are handled to nurture the most advanced area of ​​the Andalusian team

The moment that Cádiz CF is experiencing has been a sufficient argument for David Villa make a presence at least in speculative matters executing some advice for the future. He, as an active representative of a sports agent company, has sent the direct signal with his own name, Awer Mabil.

The records that the Australian striker manages in the kasimpasa Turkish are very benevolent. In total 5 goals and 5 assists so far this season to mark an absolute inclination thinking about improving his numerical appearance and starting the new campaign in a better way.

Awer Mabil
Awer Mabil the forward that Cádiz CF is looking for

The first option for David Villa is Cádiz, who have commissioned the management of a player with those characteristics in his career and knowledge

This 22-year-old player has been one of the team’s great stars all season. His walk on the field of play is impeccable, since he can throw himself to one of the bands or accompany the reference striker, as the coach’s style best identifies.

His main characteristic is speed, and the dribbling he has to face offensive duels. He generates a lot of danger thanks to the imbalance, and is one of the players who is fouled the most near the box. Sergio González has not yet pronounced, but they are details that the yellow directive has been handling.

The arrival of Awer Mabil is given as an advance to an already marked departure

In the same way that this fact is pointed out, value is given to Salvi Sánchez. The 30-year-old attacker is one of the main defendants to leave the ranks of Cádiz at the end of this exam. He has not been able to reach a renewal agreement and is put on the list of candidates for the summer market.

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Rayo Vallecano and Espanyol are the accused in that fact. The one that offers the best conditions is the one that is finally going to take the cat to the water, without paying a single euro. The preview of a new transfer window is getting interesting, where different events marked by the interests of each party are handled.

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