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David Soria, with one eye on Madrid and another on the Premier League

David Soria, with one eye on Madrid and another on the Premier League

Andriy Lunin has become one of the protagonists of the week from the concentration of Real Madrid in the United States. His lazy game against Milanin the first friendly of the preseason, and a reprimand received from Luis Llopis, the Madrid goalkeeper coach, in a training session, reactivated the rumors about a possible departure of the Ukrainian goalkeeper. As reported by AS on June 27, Lunin has decided to stay this season under the orders of Ancelotti. After a hesitant start to the summer and in which it seemed that he was going to change the air, he finally conveyed to the club his desire to continue. However, at this start of the preseason, doubts about his continuity have once again hovered around Lunin. More for the part of the club than for his. This has caused David Soria, the first option to occupy a hypothetical departure for the Ukrainian, to be aware of what happens in the Real Madrid goal. The Getafe goalkeeper heads the shortlist of candidates that the Real Madrid sports field is considering to cover a remote march in Lunin. In addition to the Getafe captain, the Spanish player Pacheco and the Rayista Dimitrievski would complete the list of those wanted by the white club.

David Soria continues to work under the command of José Bordalás as normal, but he has several proposals from the Premier League on the table. Crystal Palace would be the most interested English club at the momentalthough his possible exit to the London team depends, among other things, on Vicente Guaita agreeing to return to Getafe five years after his departure. Nottingham Forest is another club with which he has been linkedalthough it should not be ruled out that the Madrid goalkeeper could end up entering one of the multiple caroms that can still occur in the goals of several English clubs. One of them could be Aston Villa if Dibu Martínez leaves. Just in case, President Ángel Torres refers to 12 million of its termination clause.

But David Soria is not the only Spanish goalkeeper who could end up in the Premier League. Unai Simón is another who could leave the Spanish League to go to England. Both Athletic and the goalkeeper from Vitoria would welcome a transfer to an English club. The first club to submit a formal offer for Unai Simón was Tottenham. The London club thought of the Spanish international to fill the vacancy left by the French Hugo Lloris, but was only willing to pay 20 million euros, an insufficient figure for Athletic. In the end, the one chosen by the team chaired by Daniel Levy was the Italian Guglielmo Vicariowho signed a contract until 2028.

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  • He fulham negotiated until Thursday morning the incorporation of The Bilal Toure. The English club came to offer 30 million for Almería to break the principle of agreement it had with Atalanta. Finally, the player opted for the Italian offer.
  • Jordi Cruyff has been close to leaving Al Fateh, but finally the Saudi club opted to sign the Croatian Slaven Bilić. However, the ex-Barça manager is still looking for a bench. His wish is to return to training.

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