David Silva Retires with Valencia FC

Pigs made history in the Kings League by securing a major achievement in the tournament’s history. The team, led by Ibai Llanos, managed to win the Kings World Cup, the most important competition in the project, which was also the first to feature teams from Spain, Latin America, and guests from around the world, including Mexico.

The team, under the guidance of new coach Nacho Castro, showed a significant improvement, playing with a different style and showcasing the talents of their players. Pablo Hernández, in particular, stood out with his exceptional performance, maintaining his high level despite the changes in the team.

Adri Lledó arrived in the team and brought his own magic, but it was Pablo Hernández who remained the star of the show, earning him the nickname of one of the best footballers in the league. After his impressive performance in the Kings World Cup, Pablo Hernández announced that he would be leaving the team due to professional reasons, as he will be joining Castellón B next season.

Pigs decided to pay tribute to Pablo Hernández by retiring his shirt, number 19, making him a club legend. This decision was a first in the Kings League, and it remains to be seen if other teams will follow suit.

Pablo Hernández joined Pigs from Rayo de Barcelona and quickly became a reference player for the team, earning two titles, the Kingdom Cup and the Kings World Cup. His impressive statistics include 37 goals and 10 assists, with 27 goals and 8 assists coming from his time with Porcinos.

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